M12 Male A code 8PIN circular connector for sensor
marine connector M12 Male A code 8 pin circular connector
Senser connector M12 Male A code 8 PIN circular connector
Female customized high current connector for energy industrial
Customized product plastic parts for smart meter(manufacturer)
customized desiccant series solution for meter
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    We are committed to providing innovative solutions for connectors, cable assembly , antennas, components and other products for the traditional industrial market, as well as solar energy, wind energy, rail transit and other industries.

    Communication | Instrumentation | Rail Transit | Medical | New Energy | Others ctw
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    We are committed to providing complete wireless product solutions for the automotive market in the vehicular communication, navigation and positioning(GNSS), and autonomous driving, as well as high-end connector and cable assembly solutions.

    Passenger Cars | Commercial Vehicles | New Energy Vehicles ctw
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Changzhou CTW Electronics Co., Ltd. ( "CTW" for short) is a production enterprise with independent R&D and manufacturing of high-performance industrial connectors, cable assembly and antennas.It is also a provider of one-stop solutions for industrial and automotive interconnection systems.CTW positioned in global market development, always adheres to customer-oriented, quality-based, and adheres to the concept of meeting customer needs. From R&D and design to mass production, it always takes precision as the standard, so that each component meets the overall product Quality requirements, and ultimately realize customer expectations for products.At present, CTW products are exported to more than 100 countries overseas and are widely used in different industries.

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The connector is the core basic element necessary for the electrical connection of the circuit system of the whole machine, and its function is to realize the connection, disconnection or conversion by means of electrical/optical signals and mechanical force. Today, with the rapid development of information and electronics, connectors, as an indispensable part of electronic equipment, are widely used in automobiles, communications, aerospace, military equipment, computers, industry, household appliances and other fields.

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According to a new report by the market research organization Grand View Research (Grand View Research), by 2025, the global optical fiber connector market is expected to reach US$5.9 billion (approximately RMB 40.13 billion).

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In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held in Changzhou City, our company's "Application and Development of Vehicle Sub-6GHz Antenna for Intelligent Driving" project shined in the competition, passing through all the way, and finally stood out and won the first prize of Changzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship , I would like to thank the project team members for their joint efforts and the Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau for their recognition of our company. I believe Kotva’s tomorrow will get better and better!

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